One month later – reality check

It is about a month after announcing the get-in-shape challenge and it is time to check the progress. I am approaching the first milestone which is in 10 days and the plan says I should be at 77 kg by then. The scales did show 78.4 this morning so with a good finish it should be possible. If we would trust the scales, which one could of course argue against but this is not a scientific study by any means, I would be minus 3.5 kilos of fat since a month back. It’s alright, not great and not bad.

The past week had its own set of challenges and temptations since I spent it on a business trip with hotel breakfasts and daily social dinners in restaurants. Fortunately I did not get totally carried away and seems to have neither gained or lost any weight in Poland. I did squeeze in one or two exercise sessions per day so I guess that helped.

Well, that’s enough as a status check for now. I’ll write again after the upcoming milestone to keep up the motivational pressure.

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  1. Desirée says:

    Bra jobbat! Fyll på med frukt och grönsaker till påskalammet.

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