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Rant about tweaked form posting / Formulärpostande för händiga

English: Short summary in English since I happened to write it in Swedish initially. When dealing with poorly coded web pages where you intend to submit form data, and javascript validation prevents you from doing so despite you knowing what … Continue reading

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Back in Zurich

It feels a bit surrealistic that I left a somewhat chilly Siberia this morning and now in the evening am back in my apartment in Zurich. I travelled with my parents until Munich where we split up in northern and … Continue reading

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Hiking in Siberia

I am currently at the dentist in Novokuznetsk in Siberia. Tanya gets her treatment while I am writing these lines. Parents on both sides are at the dacha outside of Novokuznetsk while we are in the city today for some … Continue reading

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Changed feed URL

It has been a known flaw for some time that the entry feed for this blog has been left accessible to the public while the full blown interface has been password protected. Thanks goes to Andreas for reminding me about … Continue reading

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Recap of the last two weeks

ENGLISH (Swedish version below since I anyway wrote it in Swedish first, forgetting about having an English speaking blog nowadays) After our Mallorca trip we had one week together in Zurich, I was back at office during daytime and Tanya … Continue reading

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